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Julian Bream (b. 15th July 1933  d. 14th August 2020)

The master Classical guitarist/ Lutenist, Julian Bream, passed away on 14th August 2020. I've written this short tribute piece 'Pavan' in honor of the maestro and his contribution, not only to the Classical Guitar but for his revival of interest in the Lute, hence the reason for picking this stately dance form.

Rest in peace maestro.


Impromptu for 9/11

Impromptu for 9/11 was written shortly after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, on 11th September 2001, in New York.

I was present in the US on that fateful day, staying with family relatives just outside Portland, Oregon, and indeed watched the tragedy unfold on TV.

The piece was also given to a friend, Don Witter, a guitarist resident in New York at the time.

Impromptu for
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